A Born Musical Theater Actress


Madison loves musical theater! Since the age

of  2, she  has  been  singing,  dancing  and

performing wherever and whenever she can! As she's gotten older, she has really found a passion in musical theater and her local theater community.


Madison is eager to learn from others in order to constantly educate and better herself. Madison especially thrives when she's around other performers and she really values the education she can get from experienced artists.


As a dancer, Madison is trained in tap, character, lyrical, jazz, ballet, polka, and line dancing. With this wide range of styles, Madison is able to capture many different characters in a realistic manner. Singing is also a passion of hers. Madison is a mezzo-soprano, specializing in classical, broadway, and pop.


As a typical 15 year old, Madison also works hard in school and really enjoys English, math, and science. She is always setting new goals both in theater and academics. It’s important for Madison to have a good balance between work, school, friends, and family!


It is Madison's goal to always be professional, eager to learn, on time and dedicated to her craft. Madison works well with a wide range of diverse groups and people. Madison hopes to perform for the rest of her life, and she feels lucky to do what she loves to do!